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DNA Engine Dyad®
Peltier Thermal Cycler

The DNA Engine Dyad instrument is the most advanced thermal cycler ever made.   Featuring MJ's world-class thermal performance, the Dyad™ also boasts graphical programming and color display, as well as point-and-click navigation via touch pad or mouse.   The Dyad can be easily and economically expanded to a four-bay system with the addition of a Dyad Disciple™ thermal cycler.

DNA Engine Dyad? instrument
DNA Engine Dyad cycler with 96-well Alpha™ units
DNA Engine Dyad?/Dyad Disciple? Rack system
Dyad/Dyad Disciple system with Rack Accessory
Features of the DNA Engine Dyad thermal cycler
Dual-bay cycler accommodates any combination of more than ten different Alpha sample blocks, with an incredibly small footprint.   The internal power supply requires between 200 and 240V.
Ethernet capability allows instant updating of new software features.
Expandable with a Dyad Disciple cycler to a four-bay system under full control of the Dyad user software, capable of running up to eight independently controlled blocks (when equipped with four Dual Alpha blocks).
Advantages of all DNA Engine® systems:
Sample Blocks  

Swappable Alpha unit sample blocks are designed for frequent change; they can be swapped in seconds; they seat many types of reaction vessels.
Independently controlled dual blocks are available for running two different protocols simultaneously.
Gradient capability is standard on all DNA Engine systems when fitted with 96-well Alpha units.
Unique Peltier heat pumps are built by MJ Research specifically for cycling.   Years of experience and proprietary technologies make MJ modules last longer than any other.
Multi-zone feedback control utilizes multiple sensors combined with four “zones” for heating and/or cooling to optimize thermal profiles every 50 milliseconds.


Extraordinary temperature uniformity of ±0.4°C within 30 seconds of arrival at 90°C (well-to-well) average, all Alphas).
Superb thermal accuracy of blocks within ±0.3°C of NIST standard at 90°C (average across block, all Alphas).
Thermal range of -5° to 105°C
Rapid ramp rates of up to 3.0°C/sec


Two thermal control options block control or calculated control.
Choice of two heated-lid designs accommodate many vessel types and various sealing options, allowing maximum flexibility in experimental designs.   Heated lid temperatures can be set with any DNA Engine instrument.

Manual Hot Bonnet® heated lid with a unique thumbwheel for adjusting height and pressure
Moto Alpha™ units can be remotely commanded to open, close, and adjust height and pressure.   Alternatively it may be opened and closed with the touch of a button.

The DNA Engine Dyad Instrument

Available Products:
PTC-0220 DNA Engine Dyad Thermal Cycler Chassis
(does not include the Alpha units?requires 2)
PTC-0221 Dyad Disciple Thermal Cycler Chassis
(does not include the Alpha units?requires 2)
DUK-0241 Rack Accessory
DUK-0242 Baffle Accessory
Available Alpha Units (Block/Heat-pump Assemblies):
ALS-1260 Holds 60x0.5ml tubes
ALS-1296 Holds 96x0.2ml tubes or one 96-well plate
ALS-1238 Holds one 384-well plate
ALS-1200 Flat Block™ for microarrays, biochips, flat-bottom vessels
ALD-1233 Dual block holds 2x30x0.5ml tubes
ALD-1244 Dual block holds 2x48x0.2ml tubes or half-plates
ALD-1234 Dual block holds 30x0.5ml and 48x0.2ml tubes
ALD-0211 Dual block holds 2x16 glass slides
ALP-2296 Moto Alpha Holds one 96-well plate and has motorized Power Bonnet lid
ALP-2238 Moto Alpha Holds one 384-well plate and has motorized Power Bonnet lid
ALP-2200 Moto Alpha Flat Block for microarrays, biochips, flat-bottom vessels and has motorized Power Bonnet lid




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