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Yes, we do custom themes! We will GLADLY quote you on a custom theme - just send us an e-mail with your requirements.  You may specify designer, if you so choose, or you may let us assign a designer based on your specific needs.

Our custom themes get your full attention.  We place our custom work online for you to view and approve every step along the way - you have complete control over the design with your comments and suggestions, and we don't consider the job complete until you are 100% satisfied and take delivery.

It costs you nothing to contact us for an estimate, so if you *think* you might be interested, just send us an e-mail!







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To duplicate these text boxes, place your cursor over the green "boxtop" image and select copy.  Then paste it where you want it in the column.  Then, select Table, New Table, and create a text table directly beneath the boxtop image.



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