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A Note About Table Templates

If you have never worked with templates, please make note!  This table template has very strict parameters (ok, not just THIS one - they ALL do!!!).  If you (even accidentally) happen to "move" one of the table borders by dragging it with your mouse, the template will no longer perform properly. 

You may be able to drag it back so that it "appears" it is working properly, but FrontPage will have readjusted the variable portion of the template to a fixed number, and the fixed number will depend on what your OWN resolution is at the time you've done this.

! If you EVER drag a tables border in a pre-designed template, immediately go to Edit, Undo.  This is the only sure way to get the appropriate sizing back.


Our screenshots are made viewing in 1024 x 768 resolution.  Please preview the template in action to see how it performs across other resolutions!



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To duplicate these text boxes, place your cursor over the green "boxtop" image and select copy.  Then paste it where you want it in the column.  Then, select Table, New Table, and create a text table directly beneath the boxtop image.

You may duplicate this text box over and over for use in this column.  Text boxes are a great way to draw attention to special items!


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