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AlphaEaseFC™ software provides, in additional all the software features most requested by our users; intelligent software control and feedback of the DE-500 MultiImage™ cabinet filter wheel and lighting options, motorized lens software control, color imaging ability and automatic image zoom on file importation.

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Easy Image Acquisition
  1. Real time full image display in Focus Mode for easy sample positioning and optical adjustments
  2. Several unique Sensitivity/Resolution modes to provide the desired image resolution and sensitivity required
  3. 'Intelligent' MultiImage™ cabinet software controls for all lighting, filter position, and system status with user defined filter position names for the appropriate stain used
  4. Expose Preview mode to allow for exposure and optical adjustments for real time saturation detection
  5. Motorized lens software controls
  6. Noise reduction algorithm option for improved image quality
  7. Chemi Display option automatically adjusts contrast for best display of chemiluminescence samples
  8. Auto Contrast option automatically adjusts contrast for best image display
  9. MovieMode™ automatically acquires multiple images with on-chip exposure or image stacking with user defined exposures, filter positions, or lighting options, ideal for chemiluminescence or kinetic imaging applications
  10. Auto Exposure automatically captres images with proper exposure time
  11. Ability to capture and overlay a colorimetric marker image on the chemiluminescence image of the same blot


Automatic Image Analysis
bullet1D lane analysis with 'one button click' lane and band detection with gel smiling correction
bullet2D spot analysis with automatic 'magic wand' and 'AutoSpot' region of interest spot detection
bulletQuantitative PCR and Normalization analysis
bulletColony and cell automatic counting with multiple regions of interest and multicolor detection ability
bulletMolecular Weight/Rf analysis with multiple standards to correct for gel smiling
bullet96/385/1536 microtiter plate analysis ability
bulletAnalysis templates can be saved overlay files and re-applied to other images to save time

Powerful Data Management
bulletMultiple levels of security log-on to track total system use, last time of use, and total prints generated
bulletIndividual user system defaults allow for customizable image acquisition and analysis settings for each user
bulletAnalysis data output directly to hard copy, clipboard, file or Microsoft® Excel
bulletImages saved in all common PC and MAC file formats including GLP for Good Laboratory Practice
bulletImage Note pad available for tracking experimental conditions
bulletImage thumbnail database preview option

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